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The High Technologies Laboratory was founded in Kuban State University in 1971 with the purpose to growth high quality nonlinear crystals, which were to be used in apparatus and devices with parametric conversion of IR radiation into a visible region of spectrum. Academician R. Khokhlov - one of the founders of the non-linear optics - initiated the creation of the Laboratory. Ternary chalcogenides were selected as a base for the solution of the assigned task. These compounds met the set requirements and aims most completely in such characteristics as value of effective quadratic non-linear susceptibility, region of transparency, character of refractive indices dispersion, potential optical quality and laser damage threshold.

Growing technologies of following crystals: AgGaS2, HgGa2S4, AgGaGeS4, AgGaSe2, AgGa1-xInxS2, AgGa1-xInxSe2 - were developed before 1984. Some of these compounds were grown for the first time in the USSR and some were grown for the first time in the world.

From 1984 till 1995 the Laboratory was a part of the Ministry of Defense Industry. One of the directions of the works of the Laboratory during this period was optimization of crystal compositions in the system of solid solutions for the preset type of interaction (optimization of phase matching angles, spectral and angular bandwidths, etc.). The developed crystals were designed for sum mixing processes but it is obvious that they may be used in both processes of differential frequencies mixing and parametric generation of IR radiation.

Since 1995 the Laboratory is an integral part of the Kuban State University. The technologies developed in the Laboratory as well as the accumulated experience in growing of different chalcogenide crystals allows us quickly and with good quality to fulfill incoming orders.

The main divisions:
  • crystals growth group,
  • group of X-ray analysis and putting into shape of the crystals,
  • group of optical investigations of the crystals,
  • information group.

Director of the laboratory Badikov Valery Vladimirovich (Ph. D., Candidate of Geology-Mineralogical Science).

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